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Practice = Progress
                                                      Getting Ready for Kindergarten 
 A new school year will soon begin and we are getting ready for kindergarten.  Parents can help their child prepare for kindergarten in several ways.  Help your child learn to recognize all the letters in the alphabet.  It is easier to have children learn the capital letters first and then the lower case letters.  One easy, fun way to do this is when you are in your car have your child look at billboards and tell you what letters they see.  Have your child practice writing their name and saying each letter as they print it. After reading a book to your child ask them to find a specific letter in the book.  YouTube has some great alphabet videos, like the Phonics Song, which we use in our classrooms.  Learning can be fun and easy.
                                                          Kindergarten Expectations
Reading:  When your child reads to you have them point to each word that they read.  After they have finished reading the book ask comprehension questions such as: who are the characters in the story, where does the story take place, and what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Many students begin the school year reading at level RB.  By the end of the school year students should be reading at Level D to be considered reading on grade level.  All nightly reading/homework will give your child practice so that they can easily reach level D by the end of the year.
Math:  Have your child practice counting by 1's to 100, identifying numbers 1-20, and counting objects one at a time up to 20 objects. We are also adding and subtracting up to 10 this grading period.  An easy game is to have your child roll dice and add the numbers together.  Or you can select a number larger than 6, then have them roll the dice and take that amount away from your selected number.
Writing:  Have your child do all their handwriting in pencil, put spaces between the words, start each sentence with a capital letter, and end each sentence with a period.  We are preparing our quarterly writing assessment which is an informational report on snow. Therefore, any discussion about snow at home will help them review this subject.  The more comfortable they are with the subject matter/facts the better they write.
Homework:  Research shows students who have help at home do better academically in the classroom.  Don't forget to help your child each week complete their homework assignments.  Please keep us informed about their reading progress but filling in your child's reading log.
Principal - Nakita Smoot
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