Georgian Heights
Elementary School
Classroom PE Schedule

Monday: Connell (4), Pratt (2), Zweydorff (5), Brant (K), Novak (1), Riley (3)
Tuesday: Cremeans (4), Hart (2), Reed (5), Fritchen (K), Kirkman (1), Skidmore (3)
Wednesday: Patterson (5), PreK; Mrs. Hudson at CGA in the afternoon
Thursday: Mrs. Hudson at CGA all day
Friday: Null (4), Fleming (2), McKitrick (5), Radde (K), Slebodnik (1), Timlin (3)
What did we learn this quarter?

PreK/Kindergarten: Locomotor and basic movement skills incluceding marching, skipping, hopping, jumping, leaping, galloping, running, side slide, twisting, turning, rocking, swaying, levels, and pathways. Towards the end of the quarter, equipment was introduced. Our first piece of equipment was bean bags so that we could begin practicing our throwing and catching skills. 
1st/2nd: This quarter we focused on throwing and catching, utilizing different objects, targets, and partners. 
3rd/4th/5th: We started off the year in grades 3rd through 5th running the PACER test. Students set personal goals of how many laps they would like to complete the next time. 3rd and 4th will run the test again at the end of the year, whereas 5th will complete it 2 more times to aid in their ODE assessments. We then concentrated on advanced throwing and catching using footballs and  learning the game Ultimate Ball. As the quarter comes to a close, we are switching our focus to foot skills. 
**2nd and 5th grades complete assessments throughout the year from ODE using the PE Standards and assessment tool. While many are repeated observation of the skill, there are several written assessments that better address student knowledge of the content within the standards. 
A Typical "PE Class"

PreK: Students come in and sit on the black line in front of Mrs. Hudson and complete several stretches. After stretching, they complete laps around the gymnasium while practicing different locomotor skills. As PreK only has 20 minutes, a new skill is introduced and students practice the skill with the teacher, The following class, they complete a review and learn a new aspect of the skill. 


Kindergarten: Students come in and complete laps around the gymnasium while practicing locomotor skills such as marching, hopping, skipping, running, etc. Once they have completed their skills, students go to their assigned spots and complete a teacher-led stretching session. The activity is introduced and previous knowledge and content is often tied in if possible. At the end of class, students line up and "link up" (a right-brain/left-brain activity with their arms) and are escorted back to class by their teacher. 


Grades 1-5: Primary grades complete two minutes of jogging/walking, whereas grades 3-5 complete 3 minutes. Students then head to their assigned spots. Each week, a new student (done in alphabetical order) is the day's captain. The captain leads the warm up and helps with collecting equipment at the end of class. Warm ups are fairly consistent each week, with some of the exercises changing from time to time. The second portion of stretches stays the same which includes leg and arm stretches. Once the warm-up is complete, Mrs. Hudson introduces the activity and provides any necessary directions. At the close of class, students line up and utilize a "thumbs up system" (up, middle- needs some improvement, or down- needs significant improvement) and rates the following 4 components: behavior, following directions, prepared, & attitude. Students make their selection based on their thoughts and observations of the whole class. Once they have gone through the 4 categories, students determine the number of "stars" they feel they have earned (utilizing halves from 0 to 4). 

The class at the end of each month with the highest number of stars gets bragging rights for the following month, and the class at the end of  the year with the highest collective number of stars is able to help with field day.  

Principal - Nakita Smoot
(614) 365-5931  |   784 Georgian Dr. Columbus, OH 43228
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